Victor The Steamworks Engine
  • Original Number: 1173
  • Gender: Male
  • Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
  • Configuration: 0-4-0T STAINED SODOR STEAMWORKS

Victor is a Cuban narrow gauge tank engine.


Victor is the manager of The Sodor Steamworks. He is a very busy engine, always on the run – fixing broken-down engines, finding useful parts and supervising Kevin. Victor has a heart of gold and a good sense of humor and is a respected manager by all the engines. It is Victor who keeps the Island of Sodor steaming along! [1]

Victor is one of the managers of the Sodor Steamworks. He is always busy finding parts, delivering, collecting, and supervising activities around the yard. He works closely with Kevin, whose clumsiness often drives Victor mad. He's a wise and friendly engine who is always ready to help his friends; however, he refuses to put up with nonsense.

Victor one day remembers falling in the sea when he shared his secret with Thomas when Spencer the big silver engine challenges him to a race around Sodor along with Diesel 10. Victor later joined Thomas and the others on a trip to the Mainland but soon he remembers another part of his secret when a wave broke the weak chains holding him down to the platform of a cargo ship. Later on, a new engine called Lady arrives and reveals some astonashing secrets about Victor's past when he was just a baby Lady said that Victor had parents named the Americans and that they were forced off their own time machine until something bad happened when the evil Diesel 10 tried to keep the little engine with him, she tried to protect him but the system collapsed and she and Victor were thrown into space together but somehow the force from the portal sucked Lady away from the little engine and Victor was sent flying through space and this had Victor puzzled. Victor soon began to realize where he came from and who he was and this had him very worried when he realized that Diesel 11, who was Diesel 10's evil brother, had planned to destroy him. Victor then wanted to become a racing champion but when Emily got into trouble, he helpped her. Victor is very wise and kind.


Victor is a very busy engine, who's always on the run, fixing broken down engines, finding useful parts, and supervising Kevin. Victor has a heart of gold and a good sense of humor and is a respected manager by all of the engines.


Victor is based on 1173, an 0-4-0T locomotive built by Baldwin locomotive works that worked on sugar plantations in Cuba. As the Sodor Steamworks is based on high profile locomotive works (such as Crewe and Darlington), Victor is based on the narrow gauge locomotives that lived there delivering parts to different departments.

So, while Victor's prototype is standard gauge, he, like the high profile works locos, is narrow gauge.

Trivia Edit

  • Victor is, presently, the only narrow gauge engine owned by Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Victor burns oil instead of coal, hence his additional side tanks and lack of coal bunker.
  • Victor is the first character to speak a different language.

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