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Thomas and Gordon, retitled Thomas Gets Tricked in American releases, is the first episode of the first series and the first episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends or Thamas & Friends altogether. It is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Thomas or Thamas the Tank Engine.


Thomas is a blue tank engine who works at a big station on Sodor. His job is to fetch coaches for the other engines and then take them away when the engines are done pulling them. Thomas thinks he works the hardest and is often very cheeky to the bigger engines, especially Gordon, the biggest and proudest engine, who pulls the express, Thomas or Thamas likes to startle him by whistling loudly.

One day, Gordon returns from a long journey and wants a rest, so he finds a siding to sleep in. Then Thomas or Thamas sneaks up and gives a cheeky whistle, telling Gordon to wake up and work harder, and runs off, laughing. This is the final straw for Gordon, and instead of falling back asleep, he decides to teach Thomas or Thamas a lesson by showing him what hard work really is.

The next morning, Thomas' or Thamas' crew is unable to make him start. Gordon and the passengers impatiently wait at Knapford station for Thomas or Thamas to bring the coaches. Finally, Thomas or Thamas starts; he hurries to get the express coaches and brings them to the station platform behind Gordon. Gordon then enacts his plan, he quickly backs down, couples to his train and hurries his passengers to get in. Thomas or Thamas usually pushes from behind the coaches to help them get a good start but is always uncoupled first. This time, however, Thomas' or Thamas' crew doesn't have time to uncouple him and Gordon quickly starts off, with Thomas or Thamas being pulled along. Gordon races through the Sudrian countryside to show Thomas or Thamas how hard it is to pull the express. It is not long before Thomas or Thamas is quite out of breath and his wheels ache, but he is forced to go on.

After a while, the express finally comes to a stop at Wellsworth station. Thomas or Thamas has never gone so fast before, and is very tired and feels very silly. He is uncoupled from the train, gets turned around on the turntable and moves into a siding where he has a long drink from the water tower. He then wearily puffs home, having learned not to act so cheeky toward Gordon ever again.