The Thomas the Tank Engine Movie is a Thomas and Friends special.


Young dreamer Christopher Wallace dreams of becoming a world famous racer. However, his dreams are scolded by Max and Monty, the two troublesome dump truck twins, Nelson, the transport lorry and another transport lorry who is snooty about her paint, Isobella. Christopher worrys that he might not get to compete in the race, Until he is transported to the land of the Island of Sodor. There, he meets the Steam Team, Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck and Emily. They all decide to help Christopher get into the race. They spend many days training with the help of Jack the front loader, Alfie and Oliver the excavators, Bryon the bulldozer, Kelly the crane and Buster the steamroller. When the race comes to the Island, Christopher decides to use Thomas and the rest of his new friends will be his pit crew. Once the race starts, Christopher is nervous but Thomas assures him that being in something is truely expressing yourself. Christopher becomes more confidence and together he and Thomas win the race. Christopher is declared the winner and he thanks his new friends for their help as he is transported back to the human world.

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