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Stafford the Electric Engine
  • Number: 1917
  • Gender: Male
  • Built: 1917 Stained the shuntering yard
  • Arrived on Sodor: 2012

Stafford is a battery-electric engine.


When Stafford first arrived on the Island, Thomas was given the job of show him around but Spencer the snooty engine warned Stafford that Thomas might run out of coal but Stafford ignored Spencer's warning and raced away after Thomas to begin the tour but Stafford's battery ran out and Thomas had to shunt the new engine to the Steamworks to recharge his battery when Stafford was recharged the tour went on but Thomas began to slow down and Stafford got in front Thomas knew that he was running out of coal right away but then he stopped Thomas had completely ran out of coal and Stafford went on without him Thomas tried calling to Stafford but Stafford couldn't hear him Thomas was stuck there for ages and ages until Stafford arrived with James, Edward and Toby. Stafford is now a Really Useful engine.


Stafford is based on the North Staffordshire Railway's battery-electric No. 1.

Voice Actor

  • Keith Wickham (UK/US; 16th series onwards)


  • Stafford is the first electric engine introduced in the television series and the first ever named.
  • Stafford's number comes from the year his basis was built.

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