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Scruff the "Scruncher"
  • Gender: Male
  • Stationed: Whiff's Waste Dump
  • Configuration: 0-4-0T
  • Class: Sentinel steam shunter

Scruff the "Scruncher" is a lime green boxy tank engine.


Scruff the "Scruncher" is a boxy engine. He loves being cleaned. He's a kind little engine who loves not so smelly jobs and he loves going to see Action Chugger movies at the drive in cinema. Scruff doesn't like getting dirty.  [1]

Scruff was brought to Sodor to help snooty engine Spencer show Stafford the new shunting engine around. He later tried to befriend Paxton the Diesel when he was sent to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry but then the Quarry bridge collapsed and he and Paxton were trapped under a million rocks but luckily Thomas, Rocky and all the narrow gauge engines were there to dig them out. Scruff soon wanted to fix Peter Sam but he wasn't the right engine for the job. Scruff later wanted to be like Action Chugger so he made himself a costume when Whiff got trapped in a tunnel Scruff came to the rescue calling himself Super Scruff and he rescued Whiff from the tunnel.



 Scruff is based on no. 9369 "Musketeer", a Sentinel 100 HP BE Type chain-driven vertical-boiler industrial strength steam locomotive built in 1946.

Voice Actors

  • Matt Wilkinson (UK (14th series onwards))
  • Kerry Shale (US (14th series onwards))


  • Scruff's bufferbeam is referred to as a "scruncher".
  • Scruff doesn't have a rear coupling hook, yet he is seen pulling trucks on many occasions.

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