Luke is a green narrow gauge engine. his number is the number 22 and he is very nervous about being found by bigger engines and he hides in tunnels to defend himself. In the fithteenth season, he was told by Diesel to put his empty trucks in the Blasting Zone but when he did, dozens of pieces of rubble fell on him and he was stuck inside and when Thomas heard his whistle, he decided to come to Luke's aid but he was too far in the rubble so Thomas went to get help Thomas soon found Harold the helicopter and asked him to help him rescue the little green engine and Harold agreed so Thomas was hooked up to the towline of the red and white helicopter back at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Skarloey told Luke to hold on and Luke said that he would try but then there was a buzzing sound and Luke saw Thomas and Harold soon Luke was coupled up to Thomas' underneath and they eventually pulled him out and Thomas was declared a hero. Later on, Thomas asked Luke to help him rescue Stephen, who is a new friend on Sodor, from an old mine and Luke agreed and together, they mamaged to rescue Stephen from the mine. Luke is now a Really Useful engine.