Iron 'Arry
  • Gender: Male
  • Stationed: barrow Ironworks
  • Class: BR Class 08
  • Builder: BR Works of Crewe, Darlington, Derby and Doncaster
  • Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Speed: 15-20 mph

Iron 'Arry, along with his twin brother Iron Bert are two gruff Diesel twins who work for the barrow Ironworks at the smelters. Arry is one of the teirtary antagonists of the show.


Iron 'Arry, along with his twin brother Iron Bert, is a diesel engine that works down in the scrap yards and smelters sheds. As with most diesel engines, Iron 'Arry feels that diesel engines are superior to steam engines and enjoys breaking them down when he gets the chance. [1]

'Arry and Bert were devious from the start. In Day of The Diesels, they took Kevin and Percy to the so called 'Caring Place' which was actually the garbage shute whilst Thomas lead Diesel 10 and the rest of the diesels to the Sodor Steamworks but Diesel 10 told Thomas that they were taking over the Steamworks whilst Kevin and Percy were held prisoners at the Dieselworks Thomas knew that he had to rescue his best friend but he couldn't do anything about it Arry and Bert were blocking his way. The pair then decided that they would shove Dart into a ferness as for being a scaredy engine but Belle came and taught the pair a lesson. Arry and Bert are devious Diesel twins.


'Arry and Bert are unquestionably devious and scheming. Although at first they had a heartened dislike for steam engines, they appear to have grown accustomed to their smoke-puffing companions.


'Arry and Bert are BR Class 08 shunters.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Kerry Shale ('Arry; UK/US; 14th season onwards)


  • 'Arry and Bert are not quite identical: Bert has more stubble.
  • 'Arry and Bert were made into CGI for the CGI test episode, Thomas and the Stinky Cheese.
  • The 1998 The Official Website called 'Arry and Bert "the Yellow Diesels".

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