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Henry the Green Engine

Henry is a green mixed-traffic tender engine, and a supporting character in Thomas The Tank Engine Tales. He is engine number 3. Henry uses special coal in order to operate.


Henry is often sick, but is hard-working, kind, and friendly


Henry is a green tender engine with red stripes, and has the number 3 painted on his tender in gold with a red border. He has a round, gray face. Henry has a short, black funnel, and a round, black smoke box. He has a green dome, round, black buffers, a red buffer beam, six, large, green driving wheels, and six, small, green wheels on his tender.

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Season One

  • 1. Friends Again (debut)
  • 2. Thomas Gets Stuck
  • 3. Henry Has the Wrong Coal
  • 4. Edward Saves the Day
  • 5. The Two Brave Engines

Season Two

  • 2. Gordon and the Strange Coaches
  • 3. Henry the Fast
  • 4. James' Important Job
  • 5. Thomas and Percy's Great Adventure


  • 3. All About James