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Geoffrey is a tender engine who is known to be the rival of Flying Scotsman. He was later shunted into jail for trusting the wrong people. He is an experimental mixed express-goods train.

Geoffrey was built in 1914. In 1936, he arrived on Sodor.


Geoffrey was built as an experimental mixed express- goods locomotive, he is the only one of his kind ever built. In his entire life, he never went to the works.

When he met Flying Scotsman they didn't get on so well and made himself an enemy to him.

When Flying Scotsman visited the Island of Sodor, Geoffrey was bought by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway as a mixed-traffic engine. However, Geoffrey ended up causing confusion and was shunted to Rail Gate Prison. In Sabotage, he was brought back to Sodor to fill in for Peter when the latter had to go to Crewe for repairs. Geoffrey was sorry to all the engines and most of them forgave him, But when Peter came back, Geoffrey had left on good terms with every engine, except Gordon.

While Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, Douglas, Lily, Adam and Peter were off fighting the Nazis, many engines from across the UK arrived on Sodor to help with the increasing workload, including Geoffrey and Alfred, with the latter not having forgiven him for the trick he pulled in London. He later rushed out a bomb found in a brake van away from Knatford Harbour, at the cost of losing his life and taking Mr. Star with him.

In the winter of 1947, shortly before the Nationalization of the Railways, Geoffrey was called in to help with the unusually busy workload. During this time, he told Percy and Toby about the prank he pulled on Alfred in London. He later encountered a snowdrift which Alfred had apparently warned him about in the dream he had. He then had another dream of Alfred who posthumously forgave him for the prank that Geoffrey pulled on him, and that news soon spread and gave all people on sodor that the people and engines that they lost are still with them.

After Peter had been sentenced to fifteen years in Rail Gate for war crimes, the North Western Region's engines struggled to keep up with the heavy goods work and the Fat Controller couldn't find a replacement engine until April 1950, when Geoffrey finally became a member of the NW Region.


Originally, Geoffrey was evil, devious and couldn't be trusted. He believed that any engine goes to the works is his weakness. But overall, he could sometimes be friendly. After he went to rail prison he learned his lesson, went straight and started to behave. Now, Geoffrey is almost always friendly, and rarely if ever shows signs of his dark past.


Geoffrey is painted in a red livery with black linings.



Geoffrey is based on a LNER O7


  • Geoffrey was a creation of the television series, but he didn't actually exist, per see. In the Series 19 episode "Who's Geoffrey?", Thomas made up an imaginary engine named Geoffrey, which he blamed his mistakes on to get out of trouble. Sodor Workshops later made a model of Geoffrey based on Thomas's various descriptions of him.