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Flynn the Fire Engine
  • Gender: Male
  • Stationed: Search and Rescue Centre
  • Builder: Oshkosh

Flynn is a fire engine who is one of the newest additions to the Search and Rescue Team.


Flynn is a fire engine and a member of the Sodor Search and Rescue team. He is very popular with the engines and is always raring to rescue. He truly wants to help everyone. Flynn at times is overly enthusiastic, which sometimes leads to mistakes, but Belle is always there to keep him on course. [1]

Flynn was brought to Sodor to save engines from disaster and is the bravest fire engine there. Flynn then taught Thomas how a fire engine does his duty and Thomas decided that Flynn should lead Belle along with him, James, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Henry, Edward, Toby, Scruff, Victor, Kevin, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand in a firefighting team and Flynn agreed. Flynn later got caught on fire and when he did he raideoed the Rescue centre for help but no one could hear him poor Flynn was leaved stranded in flames for hours but he knew there were some of the bestest engines who he had already trained as his firefighting crew: The Steam Team. and when they heard his siren, they came straight to his rescue.



Flynn is a hybrid design based on Tatra, Osh-Kosh, and Latil fire rescue vehicles. However, he most resembles a 1964 Osh-Kosh W800 4X4 aircraft rescue fire engine.

Voice Actors

  • Rupert Degas (UK/US; Day of the Diesels-sixteenth series)
  • Ben Small (UK/US; seventeenth series only)
  • Kerry Shale (UK/US; nineteenth series only)
  • Rob Rackstraw (twentieth series onwards)


  • Flynn is a road-rail vehicle, meaning he can run on both roads and rails.

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