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Ferdinand the Logging Loco
  • Gender: Male
  • Class: Climax Class C
  • Configuration: B-B-B
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1960

Ferdinand is a fun-loving logging loco from Misty Island.


Ferdinand is a gentle giant. He is a bigger and slower engine who is able to make special tweeting sounds with his whistles. He runs on wood and oil and can often be heard saying "that's right". [1]

Ferdinand is the biggest and most senior member of the Misty Island Logging Locos. He’s a gentle giant with a big heart, but despite being the oldest and the biggest of the Logging Locos, he will quite often let the younger and more boisterous Bash and Dash take the lead in most situations. Ferdinand later got into a situation himself he was shunting Jobi Wood to Sodor when he accidently ran out of steam and couldn't move a single inch he shouted for help but none of the other engines could hear him poor Ferdinand was stuck in the tunnel for ages but then night fell and he was still in the tunnel and was all alone when he heard a wheeshing and whooshing sound it was Bash, Dash and Thomas they had come to rescue Ferdinand and they delivered to wood on time. When Ferdinand was sent to the Mainland to bring some heavy crates, he then fell on his side (Just like Dash) and the Mainland engines helped him back on his wheels. Ferdinand is funny and kind. 


Not much is known about Ferdinand's persona, but he can be helpful, funny and understanding. He can often be heard saying "that's right" and rarely says anything else.



Ferdinand is based on a Climax Class C logging locomotive.

Voice Actors

  • Ben Small (misty island rescue series 16)
  • Jim howick new one 
  • Glenn Wrage (misty island rescue onwards)


  • Ferdinand can run on either wood or oil.
  • He travels far faster in the television series than his prototype is capable.
  • Ferdinand is modified for working on British lines. He has added buffers and screwlink couplings.
  • He said "That's right" in Misty Island rescue 17 times.

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