CGI Emily
Emily The Stirling Engine
  • Number: 12
  • Gender: Female
  • Stationed: Ffarquhar
  • Class: GNR Stirling Single 4-2-2
  • Designer: Patrick Stirling
  • Builder: Doncaster Works
  • Configuration: 4-2-2

Emily is a stirling green tender engine with big driving wheels.


Emily is a beautiful emerald green engine with shiny paintwork and gleaming brass fittings. She can be a little bossy and think she knows best, but is always ready to help a friend. She is the newest member of the Steam Team. [1]

Emily was brought to Sodor work with James at the Yard when she heard a whistle it was Percy shouting for help Emily could see that Percy was on fire and went to get Flynn and Belle for help and together they rescued Percy and he was happy. Whilst on the way to Misty Island, Emily was put in charge of the Logging Locos that meant she was the leader and they had to do what she wanted them to do. Emily can be a bossy boots.


Emily acts as a sisterly figure to the others, but can get into trouble because of her fussy and bossy attitude. She's nicer than she lets on. According to a magazine bio, she has a particular fondness for James and treats him like a little brother.



Emily is based on a GNR Stirling Single, of which there is only one left in the world, located at the National Railway Museum in York.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Teresa Gallagher (UK)
  • Jules de Jongh (United States of America)


  • One of Emily's models is currently on display in Canada at Nitrogen Studios.
  • She was the first female steam engine to enter the Television series, not counting Lady.'
  • Many fans speculated Thomas and Emily to be a canon couple but, it was not true. They still remain friends.

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