Bulleid Diesel 9/11001 is a diesel engine and a third brother for Norman and Dennis He is the most dangerous engine Thomas and his friends have ever come across.


Diesel 9 is the meanest diesel ever to come to Sodor, even meaner than Diesel 10. He was built alongside

Norman and Dennis in 1948, and arrived on Sodor in 1957 sometime after Diesel arrived. Diesel 9 had an

accident on Sodor involving a Holden B12 class during which a coupling hook got caught in his eye 

leaving him perminatly scarred and wearing an eyepatch. Although the accident was primarily his fault, he

belived the accident to be the B12's fault. This burned in his engine, and he now wants all steam engines

destroyed. Diesel 9 has saught primary assistence from Diesel 10, because of one thing; Pinchy, perfect

for destroying steam engines. Thus, Diesel 9 has several times manipulated Diesel 10 into hating steam

engines and befriending him. Diesel 9 is the only diesel ever to control magic. He is also the second

engine to control magic after Lady but no one has ever known of all this. He uses his magic for evil deeds

and conducts it from his injured left eye. Rather than sparkle, Diesel 9's magic comes out as electricity

bolts as it is conjoured up by his generator. Diesel 9 acquired his magic straight after his accident when

he landed on a patch of ground which concealed the dark magic from the very depths of the underworld.

After his accident Diesel 9 was repaired and sent to the Maintanence of Way company on the Other

Railway. Ever since the launch of Network Rail the company hit hard times and eventually the equipment

and locomotives were sent to Sodor in hopes that The Fat Controler will create a Maintanence of Way

company for Sodor. It is unknown what Diesel 9 is doing right now, but it's likely that he's preparing to

attack Lady in 2012 to steal her magic and dominate the dimensions.


Diesel 9 is a mean and evil fog train  who dislikes steam engines. He has for a long time wanted to steal the magic of Lady, in some atempts manipulating

and pocessing other diesels, such as Diesel 10, to do his biding. However all attempts have been foiled.


Diesel 9 is based on a type of Bulleid Diesel. Norman and Dennis are other members of this class. Diesel 9 was originally a fog train