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Dispotion:Most Likely Scrapped

Arrrived on Sodor:1989

Number:13 Formelly 78024

Class:LMS 2MT

builder:Derby Works

Barry drawn by Zapwave

Barry, named after Barry Island, the home of the scrapyard in South Wales where he was rescued, was a potential character for the Railway Series. He was to first appear in Barry the Rescue Engine - which was initially thought to be the thirty-ninth volume of the Railway Series.

It has since been revealed by Christopher Awdry that the book had been created in the 1980s and the engine similar to Wilbert was a different one altogether. Hopefully, with the return of the Railway Series to print, Barry will finally receive his own book.


According to the newly-updated The Railway Series: A Brief History page on the Sodor Island Fansite, Barry is a BR Standard Class 2. Whether Barry is a 2MT 2-6-0 of the 78000 series or a 2MT 2-6-2T of the 84000 series is unknown.

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